Paddles A Plenty

Michigan is a wonderful place to live if you enjoy the lake life. It has an abundant number of well-maintained state parks and forests that offer plenty of places to enjoy a great paddle. Even for me, being based out of Metro Detroit I can still easily access everything from rivers, creeks, and lakes that are perfect for paddling the day away. So whether you’re searching for somewhere to leisurely float, or something more challenging,

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Welcome to Ohio

Adventures In The Sewer State

The rivalry between Michigan and Ohio dates back as far as 1835 to the “Toledo War” or boundary dispute of the two states. The dispute resulted from poor understanding of geographical makeup of the Great Lakes at the time. To make a long story short, Ohio gained control of Toledo, which previously had been considered Michigan’s boundaries. In exchange for the city strip, all of what is now known as the Upper Peninsula was included

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Chafing My Dreams- 26.2

Well that came along quickly, didn’t it?  I feel like just yesterday I signed up for this thing, promising myself I’d run miles and miles of training, cross train everyday, and become a lean mean running machine. How did that go you ask? If your answer is “not quite as planned” then don’t worry, you had a similar experience to me, and believe it or not an overwhelming number of runners do the same. I’ll

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I Did It! I Did It! I Ran My First Marathon!!

Okay, I did that almost three years ago, but I just now have the time to write about it.  Although this race seems like a distant memory, my excitement and sense of accomplishment are strangely still present and accounted for.  I finished this race in 2 hours, 16 minutes and 15 seconds (roughly 10:20 min/mile pace).  I wasn’t out to set any world records, just to finish.  Before this race I had tried to pick

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