A Force Of Nature

Love is the substance of all life. EVERYTHING is connected in love, absolutely EVERYTHING. – Julia Cameron


Have you ever stopped to think about why we are attracted to the people we are? Not just romantically but even just as friends. Have you ever just felt drawn to someone you barely know? Something of a strong, happy pull towards a particular person. Almost as if your heart recognizes them and is so happy to see them and be in their presence again.

Electrostatic force is the force that exists between two static charged particles. This force attracts opposite charges and repels the like charges. I think the relationships we build are somewhat similar to this phenomena. There is always a reason as to why you are attracted to someone. The reason why we don’t see it or know it, is because the other person is most likely probably a stranger to us and we know little of them.

Many crushes are simply the result of boredom. We all crave excitement and romance, and if we are repressing our desires by not pursuing our dreams, the passion burning within us will seek release in some other way. Although maybe sometimes it’s not just some fleeting fantasy, maybe this person’s energy is pulling you toward them. Attraction is energetic. When someone’s energy harmonizes well with our own, we feel like we click. So if being in this person’s energy field makes you feel uplifted, it’s natural for you to want to be near them. 

At times it could be what their eyes speak. (no matter you have not had a verbal conversation with them yet.) It’s the age-old “eyes are the windows of the soul” concept. You know logically that someone can’t read your mind by looking into your eyes, and yet you intuitively know that our eyes give away way more about our internal processes than we might like to admit.

 Hide your Eyes

We also may experience this phenomenon because I believe our souls are guiding us to what we need to experience in order to learn whatever we need to learn next. Maybe this particular individual is not going to be a life long partner, but only someone who will prove to be essential to your journey. Perhaps this short relationship will help you to learn whatever you need to learn or heal whatever you need to heal in order to move to a higher level of yourself. So in a sense this person has been sent to you for the soul purpose help you to grow. 

At the end of the day I believe each person has been strategically placed into our lives to serve us something. It may be to love us, hurt us, or even heal us, but each different connection contributes something with each encounter. Often we will distract ourselves with momentary obsessions in order to avoid facing feelings or issues that are overwhelming in our everyday lives. Maybe these people are nothing more than that, a happy little distraction. Or maybe, they are actually more. The honest answer is, the only thing we truly know is that it’s important to keep the people we feel connected or drawn to around as long as life allows. Energy is everything and this persons energy is trying to provide you with something special in your life. At least that’s my humble opinion. Of course sometimes life can get messy but just try and remember to breathe deep and trust the process.